Powerboat Training

RYA Powerboat Level 2 - £265 to £295 (1:1 £570)

instructor The RYA Powerboat Level 2 is a two day practical course aiming to give you the experience and confidence to handle a powerboat in ‘familiar waters’ during the day. The Level 2 Certificate also lets you obtain the ‘ICC’ (International Certificate of Competence) which is often needed if you want to drive or hire a powerboat abroad and as an entry requirement to many boating jobs in the UK. We operate on a ratio of 3 students to 1 instructor.

Over the 2 days we look at:

Launching and Recovering

Launching and recovering a boat from and onto a trailer using slipways. We look how we need to set up the boat prior to launching and potential problems that could arise. We talk you through how to recover a boat on to a trailer by both driving and winching the boat on, considering potential hazards that may arise.

Preparation of boat

We discuss pre-launch checks that must be carried out for safe boating. We’ll check all necessary equipment is present and in good working order such as fenders, anchor, flares, fire extinguisher and spare fuel containers. We will also check the navigational equipment is working.

Boat handling

This part of the course covers all the basics of safe boat handling. We take you through the use of a kill cord, starting and stopping the engine, steering (using the ‘steer then gear’ method) and boat controls. The course will give you an understanding of how the boat is affected by wind and tide, how engine trimming works and start to discuss high speed manoeuvres, as well as low speed handling both backwards and forwards.

We’ll execute manoeuvres such as an emergency stop, parking, man overboard and various turns. We will spend some time looking at how to deal with potential emergencies, towing a boat, how different boats handle. While on the boat we’ll be working as a team, and of course we will discuss navigating the infamous Swellies!

We’ll go through picking up and mooring a buoy, leaving and parking alongside a pier, pontoon or wall, plus tying the boat up correctly and safely. The course covers towing a boat too, a skill you may need in an adverse situation.

Shore-based learning

During the classroom session, we’ll spend some time looking at and understanding navigational charts, learning how to use a compass and planning a passage. We will also gain a basic understanding of the buoyage system, tides, tidal streams and basic VHF radio handling.


Time Table

Day 1

  • 0900 Meet your instructor, discuss the day over a tea or coffee, then it’s time to get kitted-up
  • 0930 Practical session on the boat
  • 1130 Lunch and shore-based session
  • 1400 Practical session on the boat
  • 1700 Review the day

Day 2

  • 0900 Meet your instructor, review what was learnt on day one over a tea or coffee, discuss day two’s content and then it’s time to get kitted up
  • 0930 Practical session on the boat
  • 1200 Lunch and shore-based session (passage plan)
  • 1400 Practical session on the boat (follow your passage plan)
  • 1700 Review the day and issue certificate

Required experience


RYA Powerboat Level 2 Direct Assessment Day £385

If you already have powerboating experience and are looking to get your PB2 certificate, we offer a one day direct assessment. This consists of three hours of coaching in the morning followed by an assessment in the afternoon in which you must demonstrate your ability in order to pass. If you’re unsure about whether the direct assessment is suitable for you, please give us a call.