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Our Boats

We currently have two main training boats, nicknamed Nipper and Humber. They’re both RIBs powered by 150bhp Yamaha outboard engines. Our RIBs have been designed and developed specifically for training purposes. The combination of high strength, low weight engineering with a deep ‘V’ shaped hull and unique tapered keel planning services produces an ideal training vessel.

The specialised design of our training RIBs allows them to grip the water, enabling sharp, responsive handling perfect for practicing manoeuvres such as man overboard, mooring a buoy and launching. The shape of the boat also means that on choppier days out on the water, the RIB will give a more comfortable ride and softer landing on re-entry into the water.

Our RIBs are a popular choice for both leisure users and commercial operators so whatever your reason for taking a course with us, you’ll walk away with the relevant practical experience.




Humber Destroyer 7.2m with a 150hp Yamaha outboard.

The Destroyer range of RIBs were designed and developed through recognition of the concept of a rigid inflatable boat's sea keeping capabilities. This model has endured extensive sea trials in the harshest of conditions to achieve, without doubt, a perfect performing RIB that is in a class of its own.

The combination of high strength, low weight, advanced deep 'V' hull design, together with its sheer high bow and unique tapered keel planing surface produces excellent results whatever the sea state. The most amazing characteristics of these superb looking craft are their ability to 'grip' the water enabling sharp responsive high speed turns. Any short attempt to become airborne end with a soft landing as the perfectly formed deep 'V' irons out the shock of re-entry.

The range is a popular choice for the both the serious leisure user and commercial operators and as each craft is built to an individual's requirements.

150hp Yamaha outboard
Length : 7.2 m
Beam : 2.28 m

ribride Humber
ribride Humber
The Nipper


The Nipper is a 6.8m Humber Ocean Pro wide, with a wide beam of 2.4m. Powered by a 150hp Mariner advanced 4-stroke engine she provides a perfect blend of power and manoeuvrability required for all our water based courses.

ribride The Nipper
ribride The Nipper
The Nipper rib
The Nipper ribride
ribride The Nipper